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Audiovisual professionals discover Benidorm's locations

Visit Benidorm and the Film Office show in a new 'fam trip' the possibilities of the city as a set

Audiovisual professionals discover Benidorm's locations

A group of audiovisual professionals came to Benidorm, to discover by their own, all the locations and posibilities that Benidorm has like a set. This activitie was trought a Fam Trip, organized by VisitBenidorm and Benidorm Film Office. All the assitants are part of the Audivisual Professionals Production. (APPA).

The coordinators of the activitie have shown the most emblematic sites Benidorm has, as well, otherlocation that are hidden but it does has audiovisual potential. In the same way, they have explained all the reasons that become the city in a friend film place. Some reasons are: the environmental conditions, the easy air and rail connectivity.

This activities are quite important to show the city in some aspects that are mostly unknown. Also the renovations in some places like Pérez street, Llorca or the Foietes and Séquia Mare parks help to make them, films and tv sets.

Visit Benidorm manager has remarked that is not the first time the organization does a fam trip, it is to show and tell them differents audivisual productions the city has had. some of them were: sootings, fashions, movies, videos, tv programs, etc. During 2018, they were some meetings between audiovisual producers and APPA.

APPA director, has expressed that his associates consider intresting this fam trip experience, as well he has thanked to the activities coordinators for all the atentions they have recieved. In addition one of the organization objetive is cooperate with all locals and foreings instutions that support the audiovisual industrie.