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The area of the volcano Terra Natura Benidorm incorporates a lori lazy

New species in Terra Natura Park

The area of the volcano Terra Natura Benidorm incorporates a lori lazy

Terra Natura Benidorm Natural Park incorporated a new animal species, it is a Lori Perezoso (Nycticebus javanicus). The animal is located on poisonous animals area, because on its paws, has poison-producing glands. The species that are in vulnerable conservation status, have nightly habits, for that, the park has prepared facilities adapted to its habits to guarantee its protection.

The new facilitie has three cubes meter's capacity, as wel, it has heating system and a sonda for environmental condition monitorizing. In the same manner, it has branches and trunks imitating its natural habit. The site is composed by coconut fiber, a material that mantains the humedity and temperture indicated for the animal.

This male monkey, weights 600 gr, and 20 cm long is omnivore, so it eats a diverse diet between fruits, vegetables and meat. Also, the zoo staff feeds it with acacia's juice and cereals paps.

The human behavior is destroying the forest and jungles where this animal lives. This species is endangered. A false belief that its meat contains healing and aphrodisiac properties is affecting its population. In some indigenous population this species are known like heaven's guardians.

Nowdays, Terra Natura park has two males of this species. The other animal is in adaptation period. The species belongs to lemurs family, but it differs in its eyes separations, that confers an unique and singular aspect.