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Terra Natura Benidorm collaborates in the project for the reintroduction of the osprey eagle in the Valencia Region

In the first phase of the conservation action, four chicks will be introduced into the Pego-Oliva Marsh from Andalusia and the Balearic Islands.

Terra Natura Benidorm collaborates in the project for the reintroduction of the osprey eagle in the Valencia Region

The nature and animal park Terra Natura Benidorm collaborates in the project of reintroduction of the osprey eagle in the Valencia Region, which is promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment and has the scientific and technical advice of the Migres Foundation. Thanks to this project, the eagle will return to the Valencia Region after 33 years.

The conservation project will make it possible to reintroduce four chicks from Andalucía and the Balearic Islands into the Pego-Oliva Marsh. The aim of the action is to recover this species as a nester in the Valencia Region, and facilitate the connection between the population of the Balearic Islands and that of Andalusia in order to enable the consolidation of the species as a breeder in Spain.

Terra Natura's objectives include participation in programmes for the conservation of autochthonous fauna, in this case by means of breeding and research programmes in "in situ" populations, in other words, in their own natural habitats. The park's participation will This contribution will cover the accommodation of the staff, training and part of the maintenance of the team of volunteers.

As the general director of the park, Luis Perea, has pointed out, "with this collaboration we intend to participate in actions for the reintroduction of species in our closest surroundings, integrated in the objective of the conservation of biodiversity that we have as a zoo".
In this sense, in addition to this collaboration, Terra Natura will develop educational and informative activities to raise awareness and sensitize its visitors on the conservation actions of the osprey.

The project began with the establishment of four chicks in an acclimatisation cage on Pego Town Hall land. For two months, the chicks will be fed without them being able to see their caretakers until they start flying.
This first action is in an experimental phase. The specimens will be marked with satellite transmitters to know their movements. With the monitoring data obtained, a series of recommendations will be made to improve the project, which in the near future will require the introduction of dozens of specimens in the next few years, until the species reproduces in Valencian territory.

Another of the measures contemplated in the action consists of the correction and elimination of towers and electrical lines to favour the adaptation of the eagles to the environment, as well as the improvement of their habitat through the creation of waters free of marsh vegetation and the installation of different raised supports for their use as innkeepers and nesting platforms.