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Mundomar activates its protocol against the heat wave

The park has activated its established procedure to deal with the high temperatures and ensure the well-being of their species

Mundomar activates its protocol against the heat wave

One of the measures contemplated in this protocol, designed by the caretakers and responsible for the welfare of animals in Mundomar, is the supply of succulent and refreshing ice cream between the different species of animals in the complex.

These juicy snacks are made with a high percentage of water (ice) next to the food of different types of animals, such as fruit and vegetables in the case of lemurs, or fish for otters. In this way, they eat their food with an extra contribution of hydration to face the heat in a healthy way.

These special ice creams are offered in a very entertaining way, almost like a game for the animals that make up Mundomar's big family. This "game" is part of Mundomar's Environmental Enrichment plan, the aim of which is to encourage the natural behaviour of each species and achieve its maximum well-being. The "ice creams" are considered food enrichment since the way the food is presented to the animals is changed, as well as the way to obtain it since each species will use a different strategy to achieve eating it (open it to bites, melt it in the water, break it in smaller fragments when throwing it from height ... are some examples). This type of action also has a sensory component, since contact with the cold surface of the ice is a different sensation for them that stimulates their senses.

In addition to this measure against heat, Mundomar has developed additional measures such as using artificial rain systems, sprayers and bathing areas in the different facilities of the park to lower the temperature and increase the humidity, which allows the animals to enjoy a much cooler and more comfortable environment.