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Mundomar premieres a new multi-species show

This exhibition shows daily scenes of 9 different species such as kinkajous, eagles of various types, skunks or coatis among others.

Mundomar premieres a new multi-species show

Mundomar, once again, is committed to the conservation of biodiversity through an exhibition never seen before in the park: The clearing of the jungle. This multi-species show aims to show, in the same space, daily scenes of 9 different species and the relationship they maintain between them and everything, just a few meters away from the visitor.

Animals such as the kinkajou, porcupine, coati, skunk, suricata, seriema (the sympathetic roadrunner) as well as various types of birds of prey, including owls (bengala and autillo) and eagles (Harris and Ferruminosa), take part in this exhibition that gives the user the opportunity to be a direct witness of spectacular flights and unusual reactions that take place on the part of these animals.

The educational and very participative show is designed for the whole family. It can be enjoyed in the Mundomar in the morning and afternoon during the months of July and August.