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Terra Natura Benidorm joins the European Committee (EEP) of dholes

The animal park Terra Natura Benidorm has been appointed as a new member of the European Committee of the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP) of EAZA dholes.

 Terra Natura Benidorm joins the European Committee  (EEP) of dholes

Terra Natura Benidorm becomes one of the reference centres at European level for the knowledge of this species, which is in danger of extinction and of which it is estimated that less than 2,500 adult specimens remain in the wild.

The park will be responsible, as a member of the EEP of dholes (Dholes Cuon alpinus), to establish contact with other conservationists and deliberate on issues concerning movements of specimens between zoos aimed at conservation and education on this species. It will also form part of a knowledge network between European parks to exchange information on these animals.

The biologist  Elisa Gozalbes, who is part of the Terra Natura Benidorm team, will be the park's representative in this European programme. The wide experience of this centre in the management, reproduction and care of dholes has motivated the decision adopted by the European Committee of the EEP of the EAZA.

Currently, Terra Natura Benidorm has a group of dholes made up of five males and three females. Only one of the females that is paired with the alpha male reproduces. During the months of November and December the season of rutting of the species occurs, so you can already see the first rituals of courtship of the season in the meadows of the park.