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On Monday Benidorm will open its beaches with a Project which guarantees safety, use and access of all users,


On Monday Benidorm will open its beaches with a Project which guarantees safety, use and access of all users,
  • The Project “Benidorm Beach Safety” may be escalated and regulated according to demand.
  • The beach will have 12 areas of free access, a part of which will be exclusively (but optionally ) for seniors aged 70 +, and more than 5,000 plots with an area of 16 square meters.

A web page to book the plots will be made available shortly.

Benidorm will open its beaches on Monday 15 June.

In order to do so, Benidorm City Hall has adapted the contract of full administration of the beaches and has prepared , via Visit Benidorm, a specific Project to guarantee use of the beaches for the whole population, resident and tourist, under safe sanitary conditions.

This information was broadcast in the press conference presenting the Project called Benidorm Beach Safety included within the Benidorm DTI +Safety.

Emphasis  is placed on the fact that it is a Project of fundamental principles which will be implemented in a way which is escalated, versatile and organized by modules. Within it, different scenarios of demand have been considered, all in compliance  with the norms established by the State and the Autonomy of Valencia as in the case of  the Project for Safe Beaches of the Generalitat Valenciana.

The reopening of the beaches and the implantation of this Project occur before the arrival of national tourism- expected on 22 June and international tourism – which depending on the country of origin will begin to travel on 1 July, although people from the UK are not expected before 10 July.

This Project includes the implementation of physical and technological measures, a large part of which will be used for  human resources.

Following technical instructions,The City Hall has modified the contract of administration of beaches and the above measures have been included  as “an additional service” to be rendered by the licensee, RA Benidorm.

With regard to the land, the beaches of  Levante and Poniente have been divided into 20 areas , 12 of which have free access with 5.122 plots of  16 square meters (4x4).   Each plot may be occupied by 1 to4 persons up to a maximum occupation of 20.488 people. There are two types of free  access:

. For seniors aged 70+ ( Green network)

.. For the remainder of the population (Blue network), although seniors aged 70+ may also make use of this blue network if they wish to do so.

On its part, the licensee will dispose of 8 areas, in which they will install 5.578 hammocks, nearly 875 fewer than those contemplated under usual circumstances.

The máximum occupation of the beach will, therefore, be 26.066 people, who may use the corresponding access of the 20 made available ,which will be atended by control staff.

These physical measures of plots,  areas and access control will be operative as from next Monday, whereas the implementation of  technological measures will be gradual and escalated, depending on the affluence of users.

Among the technological services a web platform for prior booking has been created on the websites of the Ayuntamiento and Visit Benidorm.

Until such a time, the beaches will be accessed without prior booking  and users will be accompanied to the plots by accommodation staff.

Information on use of this web application and how it functions will be provided shortly.  This application will include  a platform for escalation  and a queue system of virtual queues. There will also be six information stands in which possible incidents will be resolved and assistance will be given to people who do not dispose of technological means to make their booking.

Moreover, as a result of the wifi beaches system and the CRM solution put in place, beach users will be informed of the norms for its use, to reinforce the notices put up in each access to the beach. This same system will also allow communicating information and possible incidents in real time.

The technological component will allow putting the beach and its use in order depending on existing demand, therefore guaranteeing that all may make use of it even, if necessary,  timetables need to be altered.

As a general point, the beach will be open from 09.00 to 21.00 hours. On the days there might be a “peak demand”  morning and afternoon sessions may be established – as provided for in the State Law – even to the extent that the a daily  capacity of the beach might be doubled.

In short, a trend-setting Project with demanding administration which reaches the  peak capacity of the destination, with  substantial technological considerations which have been worked on to guarantee the safety of the people using the beaches so that they may enjoy the most favourable conditions.

“Benidorm DTI + safety”

The Project for beaches presented today is included in the Benidorm DTI + Safety, oriented to generate confidence both for residents and for visiting tourists in pursuit of safety and health, thus helping to reactivate the local productive fabric , fundamentally related to tourism.

With safety as a fundamental axle of all action, Benidorm DTI+ Safety is structured along three interconnected lines of work:

. Monitorizing health issues, via the Patti Recovery Project

. The wager for  quality and the Protocols for COVID 19 ON.

.   The administration of public spaces which is where the Project     Benidorm  Beach Safety is included.

This name is intended to recover the confidence of the international market which, at the present moment, is more reticent to travel.

Project of beach contingencies

The Project of beach contingencies in the light of Covid 19 is a document required by the Generalitat Valenciana, which all municipalities will have to submit within a máximum term of six months as from the end of May.